A Mystical Process with Sri Preethaji AND a powerful Deeksha from Sri Krishnaji!

Sunday, December 10, 2023

Western Nations – 10:30pm IST

7:00am HST/ 9:00am PST/ 10:00am MST/ 11:00am CST/ 12:00pm EST/ 5:00pm GMT/ 5:00pm WET/ 6:00pm CET/ 7:00pm EET/ 7:00pm SAST/ 8:00pm MSK

Eastern Nations – 6:30am IST

4:00am MSK/ 6:30am SLST/ 9:00am SGT/ 9:00am MYT

Join Sri Preethaji and Sri Krishnaji for this extraordinary 3 1/2-hour Manifest, as they lead you on an insightful journey to bring a beautiful flow of time into your life and manifest great Beginning Energies and Miracles in every aspect of your life for the New Year!

  • Receive Sacred Wisdom on the powerful and mysterious force of time, and how you can impact the flow of time in your life.
  • Be led through a powerful Mystical Process to cleanse your consciousness, turning the negative tides of time to favorable and positive tides.
  • Shift to a beautiful flow of time and manifest great miracles in your life, where even the impossible becomes possible because of Divine intervention!

Receive a powerful Deeksha from Sri Krishnaji, the prime mover of the Deeksha phenomenon, and experience a beautiful flow of time, great beginning energies, and miracles in your life!

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