A New Mystical Process with Sri Preethaji

Sunday, August 11, 2024

Western Nations – 9:30pm IST
6:00am HST/ 9:00am PDT/ 10:00am MDT/ 11:00am CDT/ 12:00pm EDT/ 4:00pm GMT/ 5:00pm WEST/ 6:00pm CEST/ 6:00pm SAST/ 7:00pm EEST/ 7:00pm MSK

Eastern Nations – 6:30am IST
4:00am MSK/ 6:30am SLST/ 9:00am SGT/ 9:00am MYT

This August, join Sri Preethaji’s powerful, 3 1/2-hour Manifest to activate your Ajna chakra, or third eye chakra, the energy center for intuition and living from a state of purpose.

Sri Preethaji will lead you through wisdom, meditations, and a mystic process to:

  • Awaken the power of your consciousness to bring about a positive change in your family, community, and in the world around you
  • Enhance intuitive intelligence, clarity of thought, and spiritual insight
  • Enable you to make powerful, clear decisions and take positive action, untouched by conflict and suffering
  • Become a leader the world needs – awake, aware, and living in a beautiful consciousness

Receive a powerful Deeksha from Sri Preethaji to harmonize your Ajna chakra energy field and manifest a beautiful experience of life!

A take-home practice will be provided to further deepen your experience.

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